Charitable Works


Rivers are drying up, deserts are advancing and the population of the World is increasing at an exponential rate.  Yet vast amounts of effort and money are expended into increasing the number of people sharing the planet.  Hardly a news bulletin goes by without some claim that a colossal number of lives have been "saved".

  Yet who is there left, after the emergency teams have departed, to make their lives more enriched, pleasant and less of a grind?

We, therefore, help to promote the following Organisation.


Michel Angelo's David

Medici Family


Meissen Porcelain

Wettin Family of Saxony


Fabergé Christmas Egg

Romanov Tsars


Sistine Chapel Vatican

Giuliano della Rovere, Julius II


Joseph Haydn developed the symphony and sonata. This led to new musical instruments.He was discovered and encouraged by Prince Esterhazy Saint Louis Crystal, the first to use lead

Louis XV long supportedthis new venture


Chippendale Furniture was famous throughout Europe

Duke of Atholl was an early sponsor


Robot by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo worked with/for Sforza, Duke of Milan and the King of France


The Château, the Castle and the Church were long time allies.  Almost all craftsmanship and charitable endeavours were sponsored by them.  Lack of money has severely curtailed these activities.  All the examples, given above, were sponsored by the various families listed by Gotha International.



Ordre du Lévrier Blanc

Order of the White Greyhound