Great Families This register covers some 1,000 families with the rank of Prince or Duke.  See BOOKS below
Ruling Families The ten European countries which still have a ruling family
Ex-Ruling Families Some 200 families which used to rule over identifiable states
Princes and Dukes Around 800 families of the rank of Prince or Duke.  In most cases clicking on the name will bring up the family tree.
Family Names The original family names
Secondary Titles Many Princes or Dukes also bear equivalent titles
Historical Notes

General notes on how titles came about, with the rules of Heraldry


The contents of this web-site will be appearing in four volumes.  This is probably the last time that such a register will be published

Charitable Works

Ordre du LÚvrier Blanc (White Greyhound) promotes high-class craftsmanship, starting with local artisans and orpahanges.  It encourages  the old families to get involved

Country by Country Each country had different rules; this is a guide

Notes on some of our sources